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No set of clubs leaves the Caddy Shed without being custom-fit, and that's a promise.
     Why is custom-fitting so important? Simple. Having a set of woods and irons - not to mention your wedges and putter - fit to your exact specifications will help you play your best, no ifs, ands or buts about it.
     How crucial is it to have your irons fit for lie angle, for example? Well, for every one degree the fit is off (too flat or too upright), you stand to miss your target by 21 feet.
And that's when you make a perfect swing!
     That's why our in-house master club fitter, Al Hadley, will fit you for lie, length, shaft flex, grip size and proper driver loft. He will even take the time to help you choose the set make-up that best suits your game.
     Best of all, this service comes free with each purchase. It's just another reason to choose the Caddy Shed, where you can rest assured that your equipment will fit you to a tee, both physically, and financially!                 see Repair ...



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